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Strongly typed memory mapped files that allow for easy manipulation of large amounts of data

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Note: This crate is still in early development!

This library provides a simple to user interface to manipulate memory mapped memory by forcing the usage of Rust's strong typing system. It's a simple abstraction over the mmap crate.

It further abstracts the memory mapped region by also supporting iterators and easy local updates.

Example usage:

use easy_mmap::EasyMmapBuilder;
use mmap::MapOption;

fn main() {
    let map = &mut EasyMmapBuilder::<u32>::new()
        .options(&[MapOption::MapReadable, MapOption::MapWritable])

        .for_each(|(idx, x)| *x = idx as u32);

    map.iter().for_each(|v| {
        print!("{} ", v);


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