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no-std dusk-bip39

Dusk fork of the library for BIP-39 Bitcoin mnemonic codes

1 stable release

Uses old Rust 2015

1.0.2 Dec 22, 2021

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CC0 license

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A Rust implementation of BIP-39 mnemonic codes.

Word lists (languages)

We support all languages specified in the BIP-39 standard as of writing.

The English language is always loaded and other languages can be loaded using the corresponding feature.

Use the all-languages feature to enable all languages.

  • English (always enabled)
  • Simplified Chinese (chinese-simplified)
  • Traditional Chinese (chinese-traditional)
  • Czech (czech)
  • French (french)
  • Italian (italian)
  • Japanese (japanese)
  • Korean (korean)
  • Spanish (spanish)


This crate supports Rust v1.29 and up and works with no_std.


BIP39 Mnemonic Codes

We currently don't implement seed generation from the phrase.


Test some Japanese language test vectors. For these test vectors, we seem to generate different mnemonic phrases than the test vectors expect us to. However, our generated seeds are correct and tiny-bip39, an alternative implementation of bip39 also does not fulfill the test vectors.


~27K SLoC