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Issue/PR exporter for GitHub.




Issue/PR exporter for GitHub.

dumplingh as а library

Data flow

|> list_{pull_requests,issues}()
|> save_{to_file,data}()


let out_path = "pulls.json";
let repo = "nabijaczleweli/cargo-update".parse().unwrap();
let pulls = list_pull_requests(&repo, None).unwrap();
save_to_file(out_path, &pulls, false, "pull requests").unwrap();

dumplingh as аn executable

This is just a very short synopsis of the manpage, so consult that for more data.


Option Description
<REPO_SLUG> Repository to export issues and PRs for in the form <username>/<repo>.
--issues <ISSUES_FILE> File to export issues to, or ./<slug>-issues.json by default.
--pulls <PULLS_FILE> File to export pull requests to, or ./<slug>-pulls.json by default.
--labels <LABELS_FILE> File to export labels to, or ./<slug>-labels.json by default.
--milestones <MILESTONES_FILE> File to export milestones to, or ./<slug>-milestones.json by default.
--projects <PROJECTS_FILE> File to export projects to, or ./<slug>-projects.json by default.
--comments <COMMENTS_DIR> Directory to export comments to, or ./<slug>-comments by default.
--auth [AUTH_TOKEN] GitHub OAuth2 token, required for projects.
--no-issues Don't export issues.
--no-pulls Don't export pull requests.
--no-labels Don't export labels.
--no-milestones Don't export milestones.
--no-projects Don't export projects.
--no-comments Don't export comments.
--force Override existing files.
--compact Don't pretty-print exported JSON.


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