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A dprint plugin for formatting the ISO 14977 EBNF notation

1 unstable release

Uses new Rust 2021

0.1.1 Oct 21, 2022

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Format EBNF grammar notations through dprint.


Add the plugin to your config file by running dprint config add RubixDev/ebnf.

Don't forget to add ebnf to your includes pattern.


This plugin uses the "ebnf" config key. These options are available:

Name Type Default Possible values Description
lineWidth u32 global config or 100 Always wrap at the next possible point after this line width is reached
indentWidth u8 global config or 2 The number of spaces to indent multiline comments
newLineKind NewLineKind global config or "lf" "auto", "lf", "crlf", "system" The kind of line endings to use
quoteStyle QuoteStyle "Single" "Single", "Double" The preferred kind of quotes to use for terminal string
ignoreRuleCommentText String "dprint-ignore" The text a comment should contain to ignore formatting for the next syntax rule
multilineCommentsMarkdown bool true true, false Format multiline comments like markdown (requires dprint-plugin-markdown to be installed)


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