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3D Game Engine written in Rust (development stage)



Dotrix has a flat linear ECS (Entity Component System) in its core, designed for fast querying of entities and their components.

  1. Entities in Dotrix are virtual abstractions, identified by EntityId component containing numerical ID. Each entitiy agregates constant number of components.
  2. Components are regular Rust structures.
  3. Systems are Rust functions, implementing the core logic of a game.
  4. Services are Rust objects available through systems, providing some key features or access to global resources, like Assets, Input or Render management.


Editor application is under development in the separate branch

Getting started

The best place to start is to review examples distributed with the engine. All examples are grouped under examples/ folder. Later when API becomes more or less stable we will prepare a Book for a quick start.


Demo Example

Features: input, skeletal animation, light, terrain, player control

cargo run --release --example demo

Features: Light, UI, camera control

cargo run --release --example light

Features: skeletal animation, light, camera control

cargo run --release --example animation

Features: skybox, camera control

cargo run --release --example skybox

Features: window management

cargo run --release --example window

3rd Party Assets

Following 3rd party assets are being used in examples


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