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Provides Semantic Versioning at build time using dotnet-gitversion

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0.3.0 Jul 17, 2021

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dotnet-gitversion for Rust builds

This project provides a build-time wrapper to GitTools/GitVersion that embeds Semantic Version information obtained from the current repository state.


This library requires both the .NET runtime (e.g. .NET 5) and the GitVersion.Tool package to be installed globally, e.g.

$ dotnet tool install --global GitVersion.Tool --version 5.6.10

You can verify the installation by calling either

$ dotnet gitversion
$ dotnet-gitversion

Note that a GitVersion.yml configuration file might be required in your repo. See the GitVersion.yml of this project for an example.


Add dotnet-gitversion to your build dependencies:

dotnet-gitversion-build = { git = "https://github.com/sunsided/dotnet-gitversion-rs" }

Create or update your build.rs to call dotnet_gitversion_build::build(). This method populates various GITVERSION_ environment variables to be used with the env! macro, creates the gitversion.rs file in the OUT_DIR directory and additionally returns the intermediate representation:

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let _gv = dotnet_gitversion_build::build()?;

The GITVERSION_... environment variables can be used immediately:

fn main() {
    // Use the build-generated environment variables.
    println!("Info version: {}", env!("GITVERSION_INFORMATIONAL_VERSION"));
    println!("Full SemVer:  {}", env!("GITVERSION_FULL_SEMVER"));

Example output of the above code:

Info version: 0.2.0+Branch.main.Sha.645a21e7b6358e9b72978a1b46cbd6c55a85a9af
Full SemVer:  0.2.0

After including the generated gitversion.rs file you will additionally have access to the static GIT_VERSION constant and the GitVersion struct:

include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/gitversion.rs"));

fn main() {
    // Use the "global" constant.
    println!("Display:      {}", GIT_VERSION);
    println!("Debug:        {:?}", GIT_VERSION);
    println!("SHA:          {}", GIT_VERSION.sha);
    println!("Commit:       {}", GIT_VERSION.commit_date);

    // The GitVersion::new() function allows you to obtain
    // the struct as a constant.
    const GV: GitVersion = GitVersion::new();
    println!("Branch name:  {}", GV.branch_name);

    // Alternatively you can use the Default trait to obtain a new instance.
    let gv = GitVersion::default();
    println!("Short commit: {}", gv.short_sha);

Example output of the above code:

Display:      0.2.0
Debug:        0.2.0+Branch.main.Sha.2e3c96c6dbd30a0ca25e51d2fb10982042670a46
SHA:          2e3c96c6dbd30a0ca25e51d2fb10982042670a46
Commit:       2021-06-20
Branch name:  main
Short commit: 2e3c96c

The imported GitVersion struct itself is defined as shown below. Please see GitTools/GitVersion for documentation on the field values or run dotnet gitversion. The environment variables names are generated with a GITVERSION_ prefix followed by the filed names, e.g. GITVERSION_MAJOR_MINOR_PATCH.

pub struct GitVersion {
    pub major: u32,
    pub minor: u32,
    pub patch: u32,
    pub pre_release_tag: &'static str,
    pub pre_release_tag_with_dash: &'static str,
    pub pre_release_label: &'static str,
    pub pre_release_label_with_dash: &'static str,
    pub pre_release_number: Option<u32>,
    pub weighted_pre_release_number: u32,
    pub build_meta_data: Option<u32>,
    pub build_meta_data_padded: &'static str,
    pub full_build_meta_data: &'static str,
    pub major_minor_patch: &'static str,
    pub semver: &'static str,
    pub legacy_semver: &'static str,
    pub legacy_semver_padded: &'static str,
    pub assembly_semver: &'static str,
    pub assembly_sem_file_version: &'static str,
    pub informational_version: &'static str,
    pub branch_name: &'static str,
    pub escaped_branch_name: &'static str,
    pub sha: &'static str,
    pub short_sha: &'static str,
    pub nuget_version_v2: &'static str,
    pub nuget_version: &'static str,
    pub nuget_prerelease_tag_v2: &'static str,
    pub nuget_prerelease_tag: &'static str,
    pub version_source_sha: &'static str,
    pub commits_since_version_source: u32,
    pub commits_since_version_source_padded: &'static str,
    pub uncommitted_changes: u32,
    pub commit_date: &'static str,


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