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no-std dont_panic

panic!()-like macro that causes linking error instead of panicking. May be used to statically ensure some code won't panic.

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0.1.0 Jul 6, 2017

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Don't panic!()

Ensure that code can't panic at compile time.


This code will compile and (not) run just fine:

let should_panic = false;
if should_panic {
    dont_panic!("This will never execute.");

However, this code will cause linking error:

let should_panic = true;
if should_panic {
    dont_panic!("This will never execute.");


  • This works only when appropriate opt_level is specified - it may require release build.
  • The error message is weird link error. You don't get line number, etc.
  • There may be situations in which you know that the code is unreachable but compiler can't prove it.


This crate provides macros that look just like panic!() but instead of panicking, they cause linking error if their calls are not optimized-out. This can be used to ensure the compiler optimizes away some code.


extern crate dont_panic;

fn main() {
    let x = 6 * 9;
    if x == 42 {
        dont_panic!("6 * 9 == 42");
let x = false;
if x {

Compile with --release or --features=panic

No runtime deps