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A tool to get information from docker containers

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dockinfo - A container inspection command line utility

What is dockinfo?

dockinfo is an utility that enables users to use docker inspect commands in a more ergonomic way. For now, the inspection options are only limited to checking the ip address of a given container. More commands will be added soon.


Simply run:

cargo install dockinfo

Note: Windows is not supported, just yet.

Available commands

  • sudo ./dockinfo ip containername


    $ sudo ./dockinfo ip containername

Environment Variables

dockinfo makes use of a DOCKER_BIN environment variable. Usually you won't need this environment variable unless your docker binary is not in your system PATH. In that case, you can run the command like this:

$ DOCKER_BIN=/home/username/bin/docker ./dockinfo ip containername

Why a separate program?

The main reason why I decided to build this is because I use containers that have instances of databases. Now since I use about three databases and the IP addresses assigned to them change quite frequently and it becomes really annoying to keep using the docker inspect syntax. So I created a simple tool that can be used to inspect docker containers without blowing your mind off using the docker inspect syntax.


Yes, of course! If you can work on any of the docker inspect tasks, go ahead open a PR, and I will be right there!


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.

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