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DNSimple Rust Client

A Rust client for the DNSimple API v2.

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use dnsimple::dnsimple::{Client, new_client};

let client = new_client(false, String::from("AUTH_TOKEN"));
let identity_response = client.identity().whoami().unwrap().data.unwrap();

Sandbox Environment

We highly recommend testing against our sandbox environment before using our production environment. This will allow you to avoid real purchases, live charges on your credit card, and reduce the chance of your running up against rate limits.

The client supports both the production and sandbox environment. To switch to sandbox pass the sandbox API host setting the sandbox option to true when you construct the client:

use dnsimple::dnsimple::{Client, new_client};

let client = new_client(true, String::from("AUTH_TOKEN"));
let identity_response = client.identity().whoami().unwrap().data.unwrap();

You will need to ensure that you are using an access token created in the sandbox environment. Production tokens will not work in the sandbox environment.

## Contributing

Contibutions are welcomed. Please open an issue to discuss the changes before opening a PR. For more details on how to do development please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md


Copyright (c) 2015-2022 DNSimple Corporation. This is Free Software distributed under the MIT license.


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