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Commercial library by Step Function I/O


Rust implementation of DNP3 (IEEE 1815) with idiomatic bindings for C, C++, .NET, and Java.


  • Subset Level 3 master and outstation components in a single library
  • Written in safe Rust with idiomatic bindings for C, C++ .NET Core, and Java.
  • Supports TCP, TLS, and serial communication channels
  • TLS is implemented using rustls not openssl.
  • Automatic mapping between DNP3 and higher-level measurement types
  • Built-in logging and protocol decoding
  • Blazing fast (and secure) zero-copy / zero-allocation parsing of application data
  • Fully asynchronous implementation scales to the OS limit.
  • Runs on all platforms and operating systems supported by the Tokio runtime:
    • Official support for: Windows x64 and Linux x64, AArch64, ARMv7 and ARMv6
    • Unofficial support: MacOS, PowerPC, MIPS, FreeBSD, and others

Cargo Features

Default features can be disabled at compile time:

  • tls - Build the library with support for mutually authenticated TLS
  • serial - Build the library with support for serial ports

Optional features that may be enabled at compile time:

  • serialize - Add serde de(serialization) support for public configuration types.


This crate is made available under a non-commercial / non-production license. Refer to LICENSE.txt for the terms of this non-commercial license.

This software is publicly available, but is not "open source". You must purchase a commercial license to use this software for profit.

Please inquire about commercial licensing on our website:



Bindings in C, C++, java, and .NET Core are available for this library. See the documentation for more details.


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