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Fast and simple scoreboard service for games

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1.0.0 Mar 22, 2023
0.3.1 Feb 28, 2023
0.3.0 Nov 13, 2022
0.2.0 Nov 12, 2022

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Distributed Arcade

Fast and simple scoreboard service for games.

Developed as part of Steffo99/unimore-bda-2.

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List of licenses as output by cargo license
  • (MIT OR Apache-2.0) AND Unicode-DFS-2016 (1): unicode-ident
  • AGPL-3.0-or-later (1): distributed_arcade
  • Apache-2.0 (1): sync_wrapper
  • Apache-2.0 OR Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception OR MIT (1): wasi
  • Apache-2.0 OR BSL-1.0 (1): ryu
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  • Apache-2.0 OR MIT OR Zlib (2): tinyvec, tinyvec_macros
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  • MIT OR Unlicense (4): aho-corasick, memchr, termcolor, winapi-util


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