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bin+lib diskspace

Friendly command line utility for finding the largest files and directories

3 releases (breaking)

Uses old Rust 2015

0.5.0 Jun 10, 2019
0.4.0 Jun 7, 2019
0.2.0 May 24, 2019

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The program ds returns the 20 largest directories and files from the current directory. The output is human friendly with appropriate units. For example, the output of the src directory is

   14M ./target/debug
   14M ./target/debug/deps
    7M ./target/debug/deps/ds-6f1846660d97a074
    7M ./target/debug/ds-6f1846660d97a074
    4M ./target/debug/deps/ds-cd0cb9a5662c3402
    4M ./target/debug/ds
    4M ./target/release
    4M ./target/release/deps
    4M ./target/release/deps/ds-d307492d3cacef39
    4M ./target/release/ds
  996K ./target/debug/deps/libdiskspace-c8b9796891c5526c.rlib
  996K ./target/debug/libdiskspace.rlib
  996K ./target/debug/deps/libds-5149253a6d6a1a22.rlib
  996K ./target/debug/libds.rlib
   14K ./.git/hooks
   13K .
   12K ./.README.md.swp
    6K ./src
    4K ./.git/hooks/pre-rebase.sample
    3K ./.git/hooks/update.sample

This command can help find old browser cache files, a misplaced ISO image or a sudden increase in assets of a game.


To list all entries

$ ds -a

To restrict to a single filesystem (not on Windows)

$ ds -x

To reverse the sort

$ ds -r

To see any skipped files or directories and the error

$ ds -v

To search multiple directories

$ ds /home /local

On windows

> ds \Users \temp

To highlight the sizes in green

$ ds -c green

To turn off color

$ ds -c none

To exclude lines containing iso and img

$ ds -e iso img

To display only 10 lines

$ ds -n 10


For Debian and RPM based systems, download the latest release from releases. Run

$ sudo apt install ./diskspace-0.5.0.deb
# rpm -ivh ./diskspace-0.5.0.rpm

From rust

$ cargo install diskspace


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