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Deletes messages (optional keep images) in discord channels

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0.1.2 Jan 12, 2023
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Simple software to delete messages in discord channels after a certain amount of time. It was created for photography gallery channels to delete text messages that are x hours old but keep images.

If keep_images is set to true, messages with attachments (images) and links from the configured allow list are not deleted. If false, all messages get deleted.


via cargo:

cargo install discord_channel_cleaner

via docker:

docker pull phib/discord_channel_cleaner



Simply call discord_channel_cleaner. If the settings.toml is not in the cwd, the path can be given as an argument: discord_channel_cleaner /home/phil/chan_clean_conf.toml.

With docker

When running, mount local settings.toml to /dcc/settings.toml.

docker run -it --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)"/settings.toml,target=/dcc/settings.toml,readonly discord_channel_cleaner


You need to register a Discord application with a bot. The required gateway intents are "Read Messages/View Channels", "Read Message History", "Send Messages" and "Manage Messages".

Copy (or create) the settings.toml file and replace with your values.

Each channel needs his own channel section. The ID's can be copied easily via right-click if you activate "Developer Mode" on your discord account.


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