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The discord bot to control game servers via rcon

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0.1.6 Oct 4, 2021
0.1.5 Oct 4, 2021
0.1.4 Sep 18, 2021
0.1.3 Aug 31, 2021

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The discord bot to control game servers via rcon. This bot supports Minecraft and Factorio by rcon crate but other servers may work. This bot is tested with minecraft 1.7.10.

how to enable rcon for minecraft server

how to enable rcon for minecraft server
  1. replace enable-rcon=false to enable-rcon=true in server.properties
  2. add rcon.password=PASSWORD (please replace PASSWORD with password you want to use) to server.properties

how to use this bot

via docker

First, please create config.toml

Then run following command to start the bot.

docker run ghcr.io/anatawa12/discord-rcon

via docker-compose

You can configure docker-compose based on docker-compose.yml.

install via cargo

Run cargo install discord-rcon to install discord-rcon.

Then, please create config.toml.

Finally, run discord-rcon to start bot.

configuring this bot

This bot uses [TOML] to write configurations. Please replace each values to the value you want to use. Commented property means optional configuration.

# the discord bot token
token = "<discord bot token>"

# the discord command prefix.
# if the value is "!", "!say hello" executes "say hello" in console
# If the value is empty, all messages posted to the channel by a person who has
# the role will be executed.
prefix = "<command prefix>"

# the control command prefix.
#command = "<command prefix>"

# The id of role the users this bot can be used.
# if not specified, all users can use this bot. it's dangerous
#role = <role id>

# The id of channel this bot will listen.
# if not specified, all channels on guild/server the bot connected will be watched.
#channel = <channel id>

# The kind of your game server.
# This enables the some quirks for game servers.
# currently supports Minecraft and Factorio.
# If your game is not one of games above, you don't need to specify server_kind
#server_kind = "<one of minecraft, factorio, or normal>"

# The section about rcon connection
# the address of rcon server.
address = "<server ip>:<port>"
# the password of rcon server.
pass = "<password>"


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