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Dinero (spanish for money) is a command line tool that can deal with ledger files, as defined by John Wiegley's wonderful ledger-cli.



If Rust and cargo are available in your system, the easiest way to get dinero-rs is by installing the crate:

cargo install dinero-rs
  • Installation for Windows
  • Installation for Mac
  • Installation for Linux

First steps

Dinero uses double entry accounting. Store your journal files in ledger files. The main item is a transaction, which in its basic form looks something like this:

; This is a comment
; A date followed by a description identifies the beginning of a transaction
2021-02-01 Buy fruit
     Expenses:Groceries          7.92 EUR
     Assets:Checking account             ; you can leave this blank, dinero balances the transactions for you

After that, you can issue all the commands you want and combine them with options to have complete control over your finances!

The most basic ones are:

# Get a balance report: How much is there in every account 
dinero bal -f myledger.ledger

# Get a list of transactions
dinero reg -f myledger.ledger


Currently supported are:

  • Balance reports
  • Register reports
  • Account and payees reports
  • Automated transactions
  • Multicurrency transactions
  • Currency conversion

Report filtering by account name and by date.


I use ledger-cli extensively for my personal finances. My goal is to be able to run all the commands I use the most with my own tool while at the same time learning Rust.

Run dinero --help for a list of available commands and options.

If you use this software and want to say thanks, feel free to buy me a coffee.


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