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OpenAI-compatible APIs for Dify platform services

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OpenAI-compatible APIs for Dify platform services.
This crate provides a set of APIs that are compatible with OpenAI's GPT-3 API, and can be used to interact with Dify's platform services and tools.

Note: The app currently does not support OpenAI's Legacy Completions API. Please use the Chat Completion API instead.


Configurations can be set via .env file or environment variables:

  • HOST: The host to bind the server to. Default:
  • PORT: The port to bind the server to. Default: 3000
  • DIFY_BASE_URL: The base URL of Dify's API. Default: https://api.dify.ai
  • DIFY_API_KEY: Your API key for Dify's API. Default: your_api_key
  • DIFY_TIMEOUT: The timeout for requests to Dify's API. Default: 10
  • WORKERS_NUM: The number of worker threads to use. Default: 4
  • RUST_LOG: The log level for the server. Default: error


  • DIFY_API_KEY is the default API key. If a user provides an API key via Bearer Token when requesting the API /v1/chat/completions, it will override this default value.
  • RUST_LOG is the log level, with a default value of error, meaning only error logs will be output. If you want to debug, it is recommended to set it to debug or trace.


Please download the precompiled binary from : Release page

You can also install it using the cargo command.

# require cargo installed
cargo install dify-openai-apis


To start the server, run:

# require cargo bin directory in PATH
# export PATH=$HOME/.cargo/bin:$PATH


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