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A tooling for checking your https://crates.io library's reverse dependencies with your local version

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Did I Break It

crates.io pipeline status Conventional Commits License: AGPL v3

A tooling for checking your https://crates.io library's reverse dependencies with your local version.

NOTE - Only Unix like environments are supported.


  • Enable API/download retrying if request fails.
  • Lean mode, which cleans up between each reverse dependency.



This tool will download all the reverse dependencies from https://crates.io and attempt to compile it using a local version of your library, regardless of the version it specifies in its Cargo manifest.

This enables you to test you have not accidentally introduced any breaking changes in minor Semantic Versioning bumps. In addition you can also estimate the impact of breaking changes you might introduce.

Simply change into the directory containing your local copy of your library and execute the did_i_break_it binary. If you do not want to change into the directory you can use the argument --local-crate <local-crate> and provide the path to the local library.

Usage - Logging

The crates pretty_env_logger and log are used to provide logging. The environment variable RUST_LOG can be used to set the logging level. See https://crates.io/crates/pretty_env_logger for more detailed documentation.

Compiling via Local Repository

Checkout the code repository locally, change into the repository's directory and then build via Cargo. Using the --release flag produces an optimised binary but takes longer to compile.

git clone git@gitlab.com:DeveloperC/did_i_break_it.git
cd did_i_break_it/
cargo build --release

The compiled binary is present in target/release/did_i_break_it.

Compiling via Cargo

Cargo is the Rust package manager, the install sub-command pulls from crates.io and then compiles the binary locally, placing the compiled binary at $HOME/.cargo/bin/did_i_break_it.

cargo install did_i_break_it

By default it installs the latest version at the time of execution. You can specify a specific version to install using the --version argument. For certain environments such as CICD etc you may want to pin the version.


cargo install did_i_break_it --version 2.0.0

Rather than pinning to a specific version you can specify the major or minor version.


cargo install did_i_break_it --version ^2

Will download the latest 2.* release whether that is 2.0.7 or 2.6.0.

Unit Testing

The unit test suite has tests testing the crates.io API response format parsing. Cargo is used to set up and run all the unit tests.

cargo test

Issues/Feature Requests

To report an issue or request a new feature use https://gitlab.com/DeveloperC/did_i_break_it/-/issues.


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