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This is a Rust crate for working with DID documents as defined in the Decentralized Identifier Spec.

This crate currently supports two functions: parsing and verifying DID URIs and DID Documents. It does not handle DID method specs which are more specific to a network or context.

The namespace is did_uri with top level re-exports of Uri, Document, DidError, DidErrorKind.

Example of parsing a DID Uri:

use did_doc::Uri;

fn main() {
    //Valid DID URI
    let did = Uri::from_str("did:git:akjsdhgaksdjhgasdkgh").unwrap();
    //Invalid DID URI
    let res = Uri::from_str("did:git:");

    //Convert back to string
    let did_str = did.to_string();

Example of parsing a DID Document:

use did_doc::{
    fields::{PublicKeyEncoding, PublicKeyType},

fn main() {
    let jstr = r#"
        "@context": "https://w3id.org/did/v1",
        "id": "did:example:123456789abcdefghi"

    //Valid did document;
    let doc = Document::from_str(&jstr).unwrap();    

    assert_eq!(doc.context().len(), 1);
    assert_eq!(doc.subject(), "did:example:123456789abcdefghi");
    assert_eq!(doc.public_key().len(), 0);
    assert_eq!(doc.authentication().len(), 0);
    assert_eq!(doc.service().len(), 0);


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