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Dynamic-Fifo-Buffer, like AnyMap but uses a VecDeque to store values and treats access as a Fifo

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This crate defines and provides an interface for this type:

Dfb(HashMap<TypeId, VecDeque<Box<dyn Any>>>)

Most of its basic methods are simply passthroughs to the HashMap equivalents, the more interesting ones are these:

insert: Accepts just a value. The TypeId of its type will be used as the key. If one or more values of this type already exist in the map, this will push a new value into the FIFO that contains them. If no value exists, this will create a new FIFO containing the inserted element.

remove: Uses a generic type rather than a key parameter to determine what to remove. Returns and removes the earliest inserted element of this type if it exists. If the element returned was the last remaining element of its type, the internal FIFO for this type is deleted.

insert_dyn works like insert but takes a Box<dyn Any> and places it in the correct location based on the TypeId of its contained type.

Various trait implementations also exist that to mimic the HashMap interfaces, but most can only provide access to the true VecDeque<Box<dyn Any>> stored in the map.

The dfb!(expr*) macro can be used to quickly initialize a dfb of arbitrary elements of any type.

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