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Backup tool for software developers - an object driven approach

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Object driven backup tool for developers written in the Rust programming language.


devsync is a backup and synchronization tool with focus on developers directories. It recognizes several specific directory types and adjust the backup strategy accordingly. So devsync will not do a by-file backup but try to do clever backups of only those files or data which is necessary to restore the original content. The rationale is to save storage space and speed up the backup process.

Session cache

devsync will create a '.devsync.session' session file in the target directory which saves all current options about the sync session. If started in such a backup directory with session file all options are read from there if none is given otherwise the session file is updated.

Log file

devsync will create a '.devsync.log' log file in the target directory which log entries for runtime errors as well as for each skipped directory. The logs are dropped when a new session is started.

Terminal ui

devsync can provide a simple terminal interface when started with '-u'. The ui has a progress bar which is of limited help because it only tells you about the number of directories that are already known and how many have been processed. However, it still moves forward most of the time and gives at least a hint that something is happening. The ui also shows you the backup jobs that are currently running and all runtime issues that happened along the way.

It will remain active when the backup process has been completed and waits for a press on 'q' or 'Q' to terminate.

Once the backup process is complete you can navigate through the runtime log with the arrow up/down and page-up/page-down keys.


Read the manpage for more information or look at the output of -h.

Supported directory categories and types

  • Special
    • Yocto
    • Sysroot
  • Build
    • Cargo
    • CMake
    • Flutter
    • Meson
    • Ninja
  • VCS repositories
    • Subversion
    • Git
  • Simple - the default


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