Cargo Features

devela_depend has no features set by default.

devela_depend = { version = "0.4.1", features = ["docsrs", "std", "no_std", "alloc", "all", "unsafe", "safe", "nightly", "crossterm_bracketed_paste", "crossterm_events", "rand_core_getrandom", "rand_core_serde"] }

Features are grouped in the following categories:
- Miscellaneous
- Environment
- Module
- Safety
- Nightly
- Dependency

docsrs = all, nightly, std, unsafe

enables the most complete version of the documentation:

std docsrs? = alloc

* environment features *

Enables std of optional atomic, extern_crate_std of optional bytemuck, std of optional memchr, optional rand_core, and optional wide

alloc std?

Enables extern_crate_alloc of optional bytemuck and alloc of optional memchr and optional rand_core


The 'alloc' feature enables some APIs that require allocation, such as 'Finder::into_owned'. Note that this feature does not enable runtime CPU
feature detection. That still requires 'std'.

all docsrs? = atomic, bytemuck, const-str, crossterm, crossterm_bracketed_paste, crossterm_events, hashbrown, libm, memchr, miniquad, portable-atomic, rand_core, rand_core_getrandom, rand_core_serde, unicode-segmentation, unicode-width, wide

* module features *

unsafe docsrs?
  • safety features * enables unsafe features in this crate

forbids unsafe in this crate

nightly docsrs?

* nightly features *

crossterm_bracketed_paste all?

* dependency features *

Enables bracketed-paste of optional crossterm

crossterm_events all?

Enables events of optional crossterm


Enables reading input/events from the system.

rand_core_getrandom all?

Enables getrandom of optional rand_core

rand_core_serde all?

Enables serde of optional rand_core

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.


const-str all?

Enables const-str

These optional dependencies must copied as devela optional dependencies too.

libm all?
memchr all?
miniquad all?
rand_core all?
unicode-segmentation all?
unicode-width all?
wide all?
atomic all?
bytemuck all?
crossterm all?
hashbrown all?
portable-atomic all?