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Depploy is a cli tool that makes it easy to create docker images, for every programming language

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example workflow


Depploy is a cli tool that makes it easy to create docker images, for every programming language. Simply specify the name and the version in your application config, and depploy will take care of build and pushing to the docker hub or your private registry.


cargo install depploy

Usage (command: Run)

Depploy is pretty simple, type:

depploy run

and depploy searches in the current directory for a (any file extionsion like yml, toml, yaml, ini):

  • conf
  • config
  • Cargo

the config needs to contain following keys:

  • name
  • version

more configuration file are coming.

Usage (command: generate)

This command uses the specified path and index all file extionsion with that are not ignore via the ".gitignore". If the programming language is currently supported by depploy, it will create a dockerfile in the root of your folder.

depploy generate

Language not supported?

You are welcome to submit a pull request to the dockerfile branch to add your basic instruction file to depploy.

Specifying Private Registry:

Depploy pushes without any configuration to the docker hub, if you want to change this then you need to create following configuration file:

nano "~/.depploy/settings.toml

the content should be look like the "example_settings.toml".


these are the features that should be added in the near future.

  • Improved status and exit messages
  • Better docker deamon handling
  • Generate subcommands like list files, add files (custom or create pull request).



  • Added generate command.
  • Improved error handling for run command.
  • moved depploy dir into home directory of user.


  • inital release with run command.


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