Cargo Features

deltalake-core has no features set by default.

deltalake-core = { version = "0.17.3", features = ["datafusion", "datafusion-ext", "json", "python", "unity-experimental"] }
datafusion datafusion-ext? = datafusion-common, datafusion-expr, datafusion-functions, datafusion-functions-array, datafusion-physical-expr, datafusion-proto, datafusion-sql, sqlparser

Enables datafusion ^37.1

Affects data_catalog::storage, unity::datafusion, deltalake-core::delta_datafusion, logstore::LogStore.object_store_url, operations::constraints, operations::delete, operations::load_cdf, operations::merge, operations::update, operations::write, test_utils::datafusion

datafusion-ext = datafusion

Enables json of parquet


Enable JSON APIs


Enables pyarrow of arrow

unity-experimental = hyper, reqwest

Affects data_catalog::client, data_catalog::unity

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

datafusion-expr datafusion?

Enables datafusion-expr ^37.1

datafusion-common datafusion?

Enables datafusion-common ^37.1

datafusion-proto datafusion?

Enables datafusion-proto ^37.1

datafusion-sql datafusion?

Enables datafusion-sql ^37.1

datafusion-physical-expr datafusion?

Enables datafusion-physical-expr ^37.1

datafusion-functions datafusion?

Enables datafusion-functions ^37.1

datafusion-functions-array datafusion?

Enables datafusion-functions-array ^37.1

hyper unity-experimental?

Enables hyper ^0.14

reqwest unity-experimental?

Enables reqwest ^0.11.18


sqlparser datafusion?

Enables sqlparser ^0.44