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Helps parse strings that use delimeters to separate values.


The following retrieves a value wrapped by matched delimiters:

assert_eq!(Delimited::matched("abc:12:def", ":"), Some(12));

This retrieves a value wrapped within mismatched patterns:

assert_eq!(Delimited::mismatched("abc<<12*&def", "<<", "*&"), Some(12));

Consuming Delimited

The following shows how using a Delimited instance along with consume_matched can be used to extract two different delimited values from a string.

let mut d = Delimited::new("aaa :12: bbb :34: ccc");

// Consume first value (expecting 12)
let first = d.consume_matched(":");

// Consume second value (expecting 34)
let second = d.consume_matched(":");

assert_eq!(first, Some(12));
assert_eq!(second, Some(34));

Delimited Pattern Types

There are three primary delimited pattern types:

  • Matched delimiters
  • Mismatched delimiters
  • Prefixed

Additionally, a number of bytes can be consumed raw (without delimiters) and either returned as a string or parsed to a specified type.

Raw Bytes Example

In the following string, the value 12 occupies the first two bytes.


The first two bytes can be consumed as a u8 with the following:

let d = Delimited::new("12abc");
assert_eq!(d.bytes::<u8>(2), Some(12));

Matched Delimiters Example

In the following string, the value 12 is wrapped by matched ":" delimiters.


Mismatched Delimiters Example

In this string, the value 12 is wrapped by mismatched ":" and "<" delimiters.


Prefixed Example

In this string, we decide that the value 12 is prefixed by |.


Prefixed delimiter searches requires the value length to be specified.

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