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Common types for use in other dcspkg crates

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Used in dcspkg_client

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dcspkg is a simple package manager, designed for used on DCS systems, or any system where packages cannot be installed as root. It fetches packages containing precompiled binaries from a server, and then installs them under your home directory.


This repo is a cargo workspace containing three crates:

  • dcspkg, the CLI package manager
  • dcspkg_server, the package server
  • dcspkg_create, a helper tool for creating .dcspkg archives

See the tech team wiki page for full documentation: https://techteam.uwcs.co.uk/en/apps/dcspkg


Contributions are welcome and encouraged. Check out the issues for things that we've noted need working on.


This library contains types and utility functions for use in other dcspkg crates.


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