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dc improved - Expanded rewrite of a classic RPN calculator / esoteric programming language

This readme only mentions changes compared to GNU dc. If you're unfamiliar with its core principles, read its man page or the Wikipedia article.

Complete documentation in the wiki


(Assuming complete and up-to-date Rust environment)

In general

cargo install dcim

Platform-specific quirks:

  • Due to the way Unix-likes handle terminal controls, navigation inputs (arrows, home, end...) are broken. Might fix it by adding a proper line editor at some point.
  • On Windows, numbers with huge mantissae (W ⪆ 2³⁰) cause crashes for some arcane reason I can't control (within GNU MPFR). If you want to calculate something to a billion digits, use WSL. I will switch to a pure-Rust arbitrary-precision float library when a satisfactory one becomes available.


Prebuilt x86-64 exe

Download here. Hosted on my NAS, not guaranteed to be available or up-to-date. I strongly recommend building it yourself if you can spare the trouble.


gmp-mpfr-sys requires a speical environment to link to C libraries, follow the instructions here. After building it in MinGW once, the artifacts should remain and new dc:im versions can be built natively until I update it to a new version of gmp-mpfr-sys.

Android (Termux)

MAKEFLAGS="-i" cargo install dcim

The current version of GNU MPFR fails one inconsequential test (no idea why), use -i to pretend it doesn't happen.

If something else goes wrong, use clang:

export RUSTFLAGS=" -C link-arg=$(clang -print-libgcc-file-name)"

Most important changes compared to GNU dc

  • New commands for easier stack/register manipulation and macro execution.
  • Numbers are binary floats with arbitrary precision (parameter W). The parameter K only applies to output.
  • Strings have full Unicode support (stored in UTF-8).
  • Improved and new arithmetic commands.
  • Full suite of string manipulation commands, including a regex engine.
  • The amount of available registers is unlimited.
  • Number input/output bases are unlimited upwards, bases above 36 use a custom "any-base" notation.
  • Expanded command line argument syntax, run dcim -h to learn more.
  • Error messages are much more helpful and differentiated, and are always prefixed with ! .
  • Commands for multithreaded macro execution.
  • A library of various named constants and unit conversion factors.

Using dc:im as a library

Crate documentation (autogenerated)

  • The main point of this is to connect the logic to a different set of IO streams.
  • You could also use it to calculate something for your program, manually extracting the results from the State afterwards.


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