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This repository contains safe Rust bindings for libdbusmenu that work with the gtk-rs ecosystem. For more information, including examples, see the libdbusmenu repo.

Code Generation

Bindings are generated using gir.

In order to manage all the steps and fixes involved in code generation, they are built using Nix and symlinked to result. To generate them yourself, run nix build.


This project licensed under LGPLv3.


bindings for glib part of libdbusmenu

Rust bindings for the glib part of libdbusmenu that work with the gtk-rs ecosystem.

By using Server, you can use this crate in desktop applications to expose a menu over DBus. For more information, including code examples, see libdbusmenu.

This crate also provides a UI-framework-independent interface to read them by using Client. However, if you are using GTK, it is recommended that you use dbusmenu-gtk3, which handles most of the GTK glue required to show it.


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