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Database reflection library. Currently supporting only MariaDB and MySQL with InnoDB.

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0.1.3 Feb 24, 2024
0.1.2 Jan 19, 2024
0.1.1 Jan 13, 2024
0.1.0 Jan 7, 2024

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Collection of Rust structs and traits to construct a high-level database reflection.
Currently under development. Subject to breaking changes and documentation struggles.

For the time being the library supports only MariaDB with InnoDB table engine.
Could theoretically work with MySQL and InnoDB but that is not confirmed as of time of writing.

Use at your own risk. Still under development.

Quick Start

Manual Construction

Take a look at test integration.rs to see how to build "by hand".

    use database_reflection::reflection::Database;

    let db_name = "test"; 
    let mut db = Database::new(db_name);

    // and so on...

Using Reflection Adapter

If your database is designed by the convention this library expects, you may hope to be able to build a reflection using the provided reflection adapter for MariaDB.
Note: this requires the mariadb feature to be enabled.

    use database_reflection::adapter::mariadb_innodb::MariadbInnodbReflectionAdapter;
    use database_reflection::adapter::reflection_adapter::{ReflectionAdapter, ReflectionAdapterUninitialized};
    use database_reflection::reflection::{Column, Constraint, Database, DefaultValue, Index, SqlDatatype, Table};

    let connection_str = env::var("DB_CONNECTION")?;
    let reflection = MariadbInnodbReflectionAdapter::new(&connection_str).connect().await?.get_reflection().await?;

Note: connection_str is a standard DSN.


This library (database-reflection) is open sourced under the MIT License.


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