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app dark-crystal-web3

Simple CLI for backing up and recovering secrets using Dark Crystal Web3

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0.1.3 Dec 6, 2022
0.1.2 Dec 5, 2022
0.1.1 Nov 23, 2022


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Used by the secret owner to make and recover backups for Dark Crystal Web3.

Internally uses dark-crystal-key-backup-rust for secret sharing and encryption.

Try the deployed version of the web front end to see what this crate does.


Command line interface

The CLI has commands to create and recover secrets as well as a serve command which serves the web-ui.

It expects to find the web-ui in ~/.local/share/dark-crystal-web3

dark-crystal-web3 help

or from the repository:

cargo run --bin cli -- help

JS bindings for nodejs or the browser:

Clone the repository and do

cd web3-backup-js-binding

wasm-pack build or wasm-pach build --target nodejs

WASM Web front end using yew

Install trunk:

cargo install --locked trunk

cd dark-crystal-web3-web-ui trunk serve

And open in a browser


~256K SLoC