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Cyclang is a toy language built in LLVM

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A programming language I built in Rust - mainly for fun and my own learning! Uses PEG Parser in Rust for parsing and LLVM (llvm-sys) as the backend to compile to machine code binary. Check the user guide for a detailed overview of the language.

Try the Fibonacci example in /examples/fib.cyc

fn fib(i32 n) -> i32 {
    if (n < 2) {
        return n;
    return fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2);

You will need Rust installed to run the below command.

cyclang --file ./examples/fib.cyc

This should output 6765!

WebAssembly (WASM)

To run the WASM example that compares Cyclang output (and an optimised version of the IR) against JS use the following command:

make fib-wasm

Below is a comparison of times in Node, Cyclang (unoptimized) WASM and Cyclang optimized WASM for a simple Fibonacci example.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 18 08 23

Ensure you have wasm-ld installed to convert LLVM object IR to a .wasm file. This should come with the LLVM 17 installation - instructions below.

Installing and Running

You will need LLVM 17 installed before you install cyclang,

For MacOS run the following command

brew install llvm@17

For Ubuntu install the following packages


And run make set-llvm-sys-ffi-workaround

Then the easiest way to install the binary currently is through the Rust package manager Cargo - see Install Rust. Once the step above is done, then run

cargo install cyclang

See the book for a more detailed guide on setup.


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