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A cosmwasm contract that filters desmos’ network posts based on the number of reports a post has

2 releases

0.1.2 Jul 23, 2021
0.1.1 Mar 18, 2021
0.1.0 Mar 18, 2021

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Filter posts contract

This contract will filter the posts returning only the posts that has less than n reports. n will be the number of reports that the contract need to exclude a post from the resulting list. The parameter can be chosen by the system, or the user that performs the query.


Store, instantiate and Interact with the contract on Desmos chain

Store the contract (if not stored before)

desmos tx wasm store <contract_name.wasm> --chain-id <chain_id> --from <key_name> --gas 1050000

Instantiate the contract

First you need to get the code_id of the previously stored contract. You can check it from the tx_response or alternatively by executing the following query:

desmos query wasm list-code

Response's example:

- creator: desmos1k8u92hx3k33a5vgppkyzq6m4frxx7ewnlkyjrh
  data_hash: 151EF9413F16C8953EE18FE527692B5DEA142EBF02027C3564852AC874844B7A
  id: 1
pagination: {}

After getting the contract's id you can now instatiate it by doing:

desmos tx wasm instantiate <code_id> '{"reports_limit": <number>}' --label <contract_name> --from <key_name> --chain-id <chain_id> --amount <amount>

Interact with the contract

desmos tx wasm execute <contract_address> '{"edit_reports_limit": { "reports_limit": <number> }}' --from <key_name> --chain-id <chain_id>
desmos query wasm contract-state smart <contract_address> '{"get_filtered_posts":{"reports_limit": <number>}}' --chain-id <chai_id>


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