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Fluence cURL Effector

In this project, we provide an effector for the /usr/bin/curl binary.

Project Structure

This project consists of 4 crates:

  • effector is the effector module itself. To obtain the correct WASM module, it must be be built with marine build --release;
  • cid is a rust crate for exporting the CID of the effector module. This crate is optional and only provides means to embed CIDs of selected effectors into your rust project, for example, Nox;
  • types is a rust crate with the type definitions used in the API functions of the effector module (the one with the #[marine] tag). This crate helps to interact with the effector module's API in non-effector modules. However, this crate isn't supposed to be used on its own outside of the effector crate scope; it's re-exported by the imports crate below;
  • imports is a rust crate providing the type definitions (via the types crate) as well as effector module's import definition. This crate is aimed to help import the effector modules without copy-pasting the definitions manually.

How to build

To build the project, you need:

The build.sh bash script located in the repository's root contains the commands to build the effector module and the cid crate. The test.sh bash script located in the repository's root contains the commands to run tests in the effector module.


// HTTP Header description
#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
pub struct HttpHeader {
    // Name of the header. For example: "Content-Type"
    pub name: String,
    // Value of the header. For example: "application/json"
    pub value: String,

// A generic cURL request
#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
pub struct CurlRequest {
	// Target URL. Only HTTP/HTTPS requests are available
    pub url: String,
    // Request's Headers
    pub headers: Vec<HttpHeader>,

// A generic cURL call result
#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
pub struct CurlResult {
    // True when cURL executed successfully.
    // Note that it's also true on non-200 responses
    pub success: bool,
    // Contains an error message when `success` is false
    pub error: String,

// Make an HTTP POST request with the request's body taken from the `data_vault_path` file
// The response is written to the `output_vault_path` file.
// Note that the provided path should be a full path in the Particle Vault.
pub fn curl_post(
    request: CurlRequest,
    data_vault_path: String,
    output_vault_path: String,
) -> CurlResult;

// Make an HTTP GET request.
// The response is written to the `output_vault_path` file.
pub fn curl_get(request: CurlRequest, output_vault_path: String) -> CurlResult;


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