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A rust implementation of the cTrader FIX API

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0.5.3 May 15, 2024
0.5.2 Apr 19, 2024
0.4.11 Nov 3, 2023
0.4.10 Sep 19, 2023
0.3.10 May 16, 2023

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cTrader FIX API in Rust

This repository is an unofficial Rust implementation of the FIX API in Rust for the cTrader trading platform

Built using the async runtime library, it provides an asynchronous and simple interface for interacting with the cTrader platform through the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol.

This project is now ready for use. However, please note that it is still under active development and bugs may exist.

Cargo Features

This crate allows you to use tokio runtime featured in async-std by specifying features in your Cargo.toml. By default, it uses async-std with the attributes feature.

To use the crate with the default configuration, add the following line to your Cargo.toml:

ctrader-fix = "0.5"

To use a specific Tokio configuration, specify the feature like this:

ctrader-fix = { version = "0.5", features = ["tokio1"] }

Available Features

  • default: Uses async-std with the unstable feature.
  • tokio1: Uses async-std with the unstable and tokio1 features.
  • tokio02: Uses async-std with the unstable and tokio02 features.
  • tokio03: Uses async-std with the unstable and tokio03 features.

Please note that you should only enable one of these features at a time.

Progress Records

For details on the progress achieved, check the PROGRESS.md file.

  • quant-suite link: Aimed at creating tools for auto-trading, back-testing, and market analysis.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


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