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app ctime

Command line utility to get run-time from a Windows, MacOS, or Unix system program

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0.1.1 Jan 12, 2023
0.1.0 Jan 12, 2023

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ctime or Crab Timer, for rustaceans, is a command line utility to get run-time from a Windows, MacOS, or Linux system program. All of these different systems have a different default time utility. The goal of this was to use one program for all three when benchmarking a program's run-time.


The package is currently avaliable through cargo Rust's package manager.

You can install it with: cargo install ctime

The crates.io page is here


Prepend this program to another command-line program to time the total run-time of the timed program. Use --silence-output or -s to not display stdout of the program being timed.

Basic example: ctime echo 'HELLO'

This would output:

$ ctime echo 'HELLO'

Time elapsed: 427.253µs

Using with an actual benchmark program, like the Python mandlebrot set would look like this:

$ ctime python3 mandlebrot.py 16000 -s
Time elapsed: 23.450438757s

Running on a Windows Machine via Powershell:

PS $> ctime python3 .\mandlebrot.py 16000 -s
Time elapsed: 24.412431292s

Comparing to the "real" value from time:

$ time python3 mandlebrot.py 16000 > /dev/null
real    0m23.590s
user    9m21.693s
sys     0m0.924s

No runtime deps