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archived app creative_zone_builder

A small to to generate a datapack, which creates a creative zone in minecraft

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1.1.2 Aug 12, 2019
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1.0.0 Aug 9, 2019

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Creative Zone Builder

A small tool to generate a datapack, which creates a creative zone in minecraft.


The cargo version of this crate currently is on a separate branch than the github release, because the github release uses a git dependency (clap) which cannot be deployed with cargo. Once https://github.com/clap-rs/clap/pull/1428 gets merged, I will merge the two branches.

Datapack Features


  • Creates a zone at the given coordinates in which creative mode is enabled.
  • Provides commands to enter and leave the creative zone
  • Remembers the position of the player, so they will return to the exact position they were, when they entered

Anti-cheating measures

  • Entering is only possible if the player has nothing in his inventory
  • The inventory of the player gets cleared, when he leaves the zone
  • The creative zone is surrounded by a teleport zone, which teleports the player back if he tries to escape (after a warning is shown)
  • The player inventory gets cleared of obsidian, ender_chests and end_portal_frame while inside the creative or teleport zone so they can't portal out

Currently unsolved problems

If the player hits the teleport zone from the outside, he gets teleported inside the creative zone. This means that any player who gets to close to the zone, will be stuck until an admin teleports him back.

Sadly I found no easy way to secure the zone from entering from the outside, so it's advised create the zone somewhere near the world border


creative_zone_builder 29999250 127 0

The travel time from x = 0 to x = 29999250 is approximately 89092 minutes (or 61 days) when sprinting in a straight line.

If a player still manages to wrongly get into the zone, the admin should clear his inventory before teleporting him out of the zone.

Command Line Options

Creative Zone Builder 1.1.0
Create a custom datapack for a creative zone in minecraft.

    creative_zone_builder.exe [OPTIONS] <x> <y> <z>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -r, --radius <r>                  The radius of the creative zone [default: 300]
    -t, --teleport-zone-width <tz>    The width of the teleport zone [default: 100]

    <x>    The x position of the creative zone.
    <y>    The y position of the creative zone.
    <z>    The z position of the creative zone.


Creating the zone at X: 29999250, Z:0

Teleport to the coordinates to find out the best Y coordinate:

/tp 29999250 127 0

If you have chosen a Y coordinate (I will use y = 74 in this example), you can create the datapack with the following comand:

creative_zone_builder 29999250 74 0

This will create a creative_zone.zip file. Upload this zip into your datapacks folder and load it ingame with:


Usage inside of Minecraft

To enter the creative zone, the player needs to type:

/trigger cz_enter

To leave the creative zone, the player needs to type:

/trigger cz_leave


If a player can't access the cz_enter trigger, you can remove cz_enabled tag from him:

/tag <PlayerName> remove cz_enabled

The datapack should then automatically re-assign the tag and enable the trigger command


~74K SLoC