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app create-leptos-csr

A CLI for setting up a client-side Leptos web application with TailwindCSS

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0.2.2 Dec 25, 2023
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Generate a client-side rendered leptos application with one command.


Getting Started

Install create-leptos-csr globally using:

cargo install create-leptos-csr-tw

This command installs the necessary binary, making it accessible from your command line.

To initiate a new Leptos project, run:


Template features:

  • TailwindCSS for styling
  • Serves image content from /public that trunk recognizes
  • Mobile viewport configuration
  • An optional vercel config file to for deployment routing.
  • Leptos-use, a collection of Leptos utilities
  • Up to date crate dependencies

Why I made this

Creating a client-side rendered Leptos application usually requires starting from scratch, involving multiple steps and potential hurdles.

Something like:

cargo init <project>
cargo add leptos --features=csr,nightly
cd <project>
touch index.html
... # more work here
touch input.css
npx tailwindcss init
... # setting up your tailwind...
mkdir public
(modify `index.html`)
... # adding the same boilerplate to your index.html
trunk serve --open

This crate aims to reduce all the hair pulling that a beginner would face when setting up a leptos application. For experienced developers, this crate saves you time by setting up the necessary stuff.

If you're just starting out, this is great starting point since you can use this template while reading the Leptos book.

Recent Updates

  • Update wasm-bindgen to 0.2.89
  • Removed a lot of boilerplate in app.rs
  • Restructured project to extend to more templates


Contributions are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. I'd love to see other templates that use different styling libraries or deployment services.


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