app create-idea-module

Creates a new IntelliJ IDEA module by writing a simple IntelliJ IDEA module file

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Sometimes Intellij will mess up its own module structure. This tool is designed to help you fix that. It will create a module for you and add it to the correct place in the module structure.

    create-idea-module [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help                                   Print help information
    -n, --module-name <MODULE_NAME>
    -o, --output-directory <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY>
    -V, --version                                Print version


create-idea-module -o ../some-repo -n some-repo

For a project named vanityeth this will create the idea project directory ../vanityeth/.idea as well as the module metadata files needed to give Intellij the correct module structure.

Future work

  • Make this a little more flexible—not every project is a rust module.
  • Multiple modules per project.
  • Specify module files location separate from project directory.


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