Cargo Features

crates-index = { version = "2.7.0", default-features = false, features = ["git", "git-performance", "git-https", "parallel", "sparse", "document-features"] }
default = sparse

The sparse feature is set by default whenever crates-index is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

git git-https? git-performance?

Activate support for accessing git-powered cargo indices. These have been superseded by the sparse-index, see the sparse feature.

Enables gix ^0.58.0

Affects error::GixError, crates-index::GitIndex

git-performance = git

Activate support for git-powered cargo indices, but configure the underlying gix crate to use higher-performance sub-crates at the expense of platform compatibility.

If it compiles for you, this should be preferred over git.

Enables max-performance of optional gix ^0.58.0

git-https = git

Add support for https based URLs in git indices.

Most will want this enabled unless they know to only have to access non-https URLs for their indices.

Enables blocking-http-transport-curl of optional gix ^0.58.0


Allow some functions to receive rayon-powered siblings for higher performance.

Enables rayon

Affects error::CratesIterError

sparse default

Add support for communicating with sparse indices.

Enables http ^0.2

Features from optional dependencies

document-features implicit feature

Enables document-features


Extract documentation for the feature flags from comments in Cargo.toml