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Memory order consume for when it’s known that the compiler can’t elide the dependency

2 stable releases

Uses old Rust 2015

1.0.1 Feb 26, 2017

#295 in Concurrency

MIT license


This provides a consume ordering for when the compiler cannot elide the dependency


extern crate consume;
use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicPtr, AtomicUsize};

fn consume_load(pt: &AtomicPtr<*const usize>) -> usize {
    // There's a data dependency on the loaded value, 
    // meaning that the compiler can't od silly things to
    // eliminate the dependency
    unsafe { *pt.load(Consume) }

fn incorrect_consume_load(ind: &AtomicUsize, vals: &Vec<usize>) -> usize {
    // There is no data dependency here
    // since the compiler can eliminate the loaded value
    // from the pointer index. Ensure that you don't have this.
    // Use consume at your own risk.
    let i = ind.load(consume::Consume);
    vals[ind - ind]
    // vals[ind] would probably be correct, unless some shenanigans with the
    // bounds checking occured. I only use vec for convenience, only
    // use consume if you understand all possible data paths taken by the compiler

No runtime deps