Cargo Features

const_format has no features set by default.

const_format = { version = "0.2.32", features = ["const_generics", "nightly_const_generics", "rust_1_51", "rust_1_64", "fmt", "derive", "assert", "assertc", "assertcp", "constant_time_as_str", "more_str_macros", "all"] }
const_generics nightly_const_generics? = rust_1_51
nightly_const_generics = const_generics
rust_1_51 assertcp? const_generics? rust_1_64?
rust_1_64 all? fmt? more_str_macros? = konst, rust_1_51

Enables rust_1_64 of konst ^0.2.13

Affects utils::slice_up_to_len_alt, utils::slice_up_to_len

fmt all? assertc? constant_time_as_str? derive? = rust_1_64

Affects doctests::ImplFmtWhereClause, doctests::AsStr_For_StrWriterMut_NoEncoding, const_format::utils, const_format::for_examples, const_format::marker_traits, const_format::fmt, const_format::msg

derive all? = fmt

Enables derive of const_format_proc_macros

Affects doctests::ConstDebugWhereClause

assert all? = assertc

soft-deprecated, use assertc instead.

assertc assert? = assertcp, fmt

Affects doctests::Assert, doctests::AssertCmp

assertcp assertc? = rust_1_51

Affects doctests::AssertCP, doctests::AssertCPCmp, const_format::for_assert_macros

constant_time_as_str = fmt
more_str_macros = rust_1_64
all = assert, derive, fmt, rust_1_64

enables all the features, requires (potentially) the latest nightly


Affects const_format::test_utils, const_format::doctests

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

konst rust_1_64?

Enables konst ^0.2.13