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A crate containing a singly-linked list.

As of 0.4.1, cons-rs supports #[no_std] environments. Note that it still depends on the alloc crate.

Breaking Update Changelog


This version locks the entire immutable module behind a crate feature.

It also flips the Extend and IntoIterator implementations, so creating a list from [1, 2] and popping off of it will yield 1 and then 2.


This version is a full rewrite of the entire crate. It has migrated from its past as a "list of nested pairs" to what it has actually been the entire time, a singly-linked list.

The main reason I didn't publish this as a new crate is because all the names are taken, and the use cases are mostly the same.


A crate that contains a singly linked list.

Note: This is different from the standard LinkedList, which is doubly linked.

No runtime deps


  • immutable