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no-std concolor-control

Control console coloring across all dependencies

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bin/lib API for managing terminal styling

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  • Detects interactive stdout / stderr
  • Detects terminal capabilities via TERM
  • Detects and enables ANSI support on Windows
  • Supports CLICOLOR and NO_COLOR


Special note: to be successful, this crate cannot break compatibility or else different crates in the hierarchy will be reading different globals. While end users can work around this, it isn't ideal. Once we hit 1.0, we should strive to keep the API compatible. If we need a new API, we can make the old API an adapter to the new logic.

Similarly, we should strive to reduce risk of breaking compatibility by exposing as little as possible. Anything more should be broken out into a separate crate that this crate can call into.

Special Thanks

Prior art for global colors control:

termcolor for identifying various corner cases with environment detection.

firestorm for zero-cost abstraction via bin/lib-specific Cargo.toml features.


Dual-licensed under MIT or Apache 2.0