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Parse, manipulate and serialize docker-compose.yml in a strongly-typed fashion

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compose_yml: Support for working with docker-compose.yml files

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This is a work in progress! Most of services: is supported, but I'm still refining the APIs as higher-level tools get build around this.


docker-compose.yml is a very useful format, but it's hard to parse and transform correctly. This library aims to offer:

  • High-level, type-safe APIs for anything you can find in a docker-compose.yml file.
  • Parsing of individual string fields into real objects.
  • Support for working with strings that might contain variable interpolations, and leaving them unparsed when necessary.
  • Canonical representations of fields which may have multiple formats.
  • Easy updates when docker-compose.yml gets extended.


You can build this library using stable Rust version 1.11. But if you want to develop it, you will get much better error messages using a nightly build of Rust.

# Install Rust stable and nightly using rustup.
curl -sSf https://static.rust-lang.org/rustup.sh | sh
rustup toolchain install nightly

# Build unit tests using nightly Rust.
rustup run nightly cargo test --no-default-features --features unstable


This library is in the public domain as described by LICENSE.txt, except for the files src/v2/validate/config_schema_v2.*.json, which are copyright Docker, Inc., and distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0.


Part of the work on compose_yml has been generously sponsored by Faraday for use in their cage tool, which is designed to go beyond docker-compose and provide support for large, multi-pod apps.


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