Cargo Features

comfy-table = { version = "7.1.1", default-features = false, features = ["tty", "custom_styling", "reexport_crossterm", "debug", "integration_test"] }
default = tty

For more info about these flags, please check the README.
Everything's explained over there.

tty default custom_styling? reexport_crossterm? = crossterm
custom_styling = ansi-str, console, tty
reexport_crossterm = tty

This flag is for comfy-table development debugging!
You usually don't need this as a user of the library.


This feature is used to for integration testing of comfy_table.
It exposes normally unexposed internal functionality for easier testing.
DON'T USE. You opt in for breaking changes, as the internal API might change on minor/patch versions.

Affects comfy-table::utils

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

ansi-str custom_styling?
console custom_styling?
crossterm not win win tty