Cargo Features

combine_wasi = { version = "4.6.6", default-features = false, features = ["mp4", "std", "alloc", "pin-project", "tokio-02", "tokio-03", "tokio", "tokio_wasi", "futures-03", "regex", "tokio-util", "tokio-util_wasi"] }

End of dev-dependencies

default = std

The std feature is set by default whenever combine_wasi is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.


Run the mp4 benchmark, requires a mp4 file named small.mp4 in the benches directory

std default futures-03? tokio-02? tokio-03? = alloc, bytes

Enables std of memchr

Affects error::StreamError.other, parser::EasyParser, stream::buf_reader, stream::easy, stream::read, stream::decoder

alloc std

Affects combinator::AnyPartialState, combinator::AnyPartialStateParser, combinator::any_partial_state, combinator::AnySendPartialState, combinator::AnySendPartialStateParser, combinator::any_send_partial_state, combinator::AnySendSyncPartialState, combinator::AnySendSyncPartialStateParser, combinator::any_send_sync_partial_state, parser::Parser.boxed, stream::buffered

pin-project futures-03? tokio-02? tokio-03? = pin-project-lite
tokio-02 = bytes_05, futures-core-03, pin-project, pin-project-lite, std, tokio-02-dep

Affects buf_reader::CombineRead

tokio-03 = futures-core-03, pin-project, pin-project-lite, std, tokio-03-dep

Affects buf_reader::CombineRead

tokio = futures-core-03, pin-project-lite, tokio-dep

Enables io of tokio-util

Affects buf_reader::CombineRead

tokio_wasi = futures-core-03, pin-project-lite, tokio-wasi-dep

Enables io of tokio-util_wasi

Affects buf_reader::CombineRead

futures-03 = futures-core-03, futures-io-03, pin-project, pin-project-lite, std

Affects buf_reader::CombineAsyncRead

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

regex implicit feature

With default features

Affects parser::regex

pin-project-lite futures-03? pin-project? tokio? tokio-02? tokio-03? tokio_wasi?

Affects buf_reader::CombineBuffer.advance_pin

tokio-02-dep tokio-02?

Enables io-util of tokio ^0.2.3

Future proofing so that tokio-0.3, tokio-0.1 etc can be supported

tokio-03-dep tokio-03?

Enables tokio ^0.3

tokio-dep tokio?

Enables tokio

tokio-util implicit feature

With codec

tokio-wasi-dep tokio_wasi?

Enables tokio_wasi

tokio-util_wasi implicit feature

With codec

futures-core-03 futures-03? tokio? tokio-02? tokio-03? tokio_wasi?

Enables futures-core

Affects combine_wasi::future_ext

futures-io-03 futures-03?

Enables futures-io

bytes_05 tokio-02?

Enables default (std) of bytes ^0.5

bytes std

With default (std)