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app colerr

colerr will wrap a given process and colorize it’s standard error output

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Uses old Rust 2015

1.0.0 Jul 6, 2016

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colerr will wrap a given process and colorize it's standard error output.

colerr is written in rust programming language and utilizes: mio and mioco libraries. You probably don't care, but it's kind of important so I've mentioned it here.


You need rust compiler bundled with cargo. Then cargo build --release should do the job.

Resulting binary will be in ./target/release/colerr. Just copy it to somewhere to your $PATH.

    colorout [--] <cmd>...


colerr works by spawning a IO-handling child process that takes care of colorizing output. The parent process exec-s the requested command with stdin, stdout and stderr routed to a child.

This way colerr can be used as a drop-in replacement, as the colerr-ed PID will be the PID of the wrapped command. All signals etc. will be handled by the wrapped process itself, the only difference being a standard IO being handled by additional child process.


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