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Command Example (WIP)

This project is an attempt to simplify the life of those users needing some help when using a command they're unfamiliar with. Instead of having to go to a web engine or a QA website, just query it here.


cargo install cmdex

Basic Examples

Find all examples of the find command

cmdex find

find - Find files in current working dir with *.txt extension and replace string inplace with sed
Platforms: all
find $(pwd) -name "*.txt" -exec sed -i 's/foo/bar/g {} \;'
Authors: Blas Rodriguez Irizar <rodrigblas@gmail.com>

find - Find all the files whose name is foo.txt in a current working directory
Platforms: all
find . -name foo.txt
Authors: Blas Rodriguez Irizar <rodrigblas@gmail.com>

Find all examples that match a certain query on the description of the command example

cmdex -q="shutdown now"

shutdown - Shutdown your computer right now
Platforms: all
sudo shutdown now
Authors: Blas Rodriguez Irizar <rodrigblas@gmail.com>


  • CLI Support
  • HTTP Support
  • Fuzzy search
  • User voting the effectiveness of an example


To add more examples, submit a PR. The only requirement is that the example does not exist. The database is hosted in json files in the folder called examples-data. Add yours, inside a directory named like the command you're trying to include.


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