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cmark syntax highlighting

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This crate provides a preprocessor for pulldown_cmark events that implements syntax highlighting. It is based on the work of Maciej Hirsz for the Ramhorns templating engine.

Supported languages

  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • sh shell
  • TOML

Files defining language syntax are located in src/languages directory. The syntax is defined using regexes, which the Logos procedural macro turns into a lexer at the compile time. PRs implementing new languages are very welcome!


With latex2mathml feature enabled, blocks denoted by math containing LaTeX formulas are rendered into MathML in block mode and analogously for inline code delimited by $ at the start and the end in inline mode.


This preprocessor can be used as a callback for the Ramhorns templating engine.

use ramhorns::encoding::Encoder;

pub fn encode<E: Encoder>(source: &str, encoder: &mut E) -> Result<(), E::Error> {
    let parser = pulldown_cmark::Parser::new(source);
    let processed = cmark_syntax::SyntaxPreprocessor::new(parser);


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