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cltodo is a CLI application implementing a TODO list. It is developed for fast, flexible and simple use.


Just run

cargo install cltodo

to install it directly from crates.io.

If you are on linux, you can install it by downloading the package on releases and running

sudo dpkg -i cltodo_0.1.1-1_amd64.deb

Quick start

Each entry on the list has three possible priorities: "normal", "important" or "critical".

Add an entry with:

~$ cltodo add "Align with Alice about refatoring foo.rs" -p "important"

Get all entries with:

~$ cltodo get
#3: CRITICAL : 2023-02-25: Fix tests!!!
#1: IMPORTANT: 2023-02-25: Investigate database performance
#4: NORMAL   : 2023-02-25: Change lighting in some images for the webpage

Getting entries has a lot optional arguments available. For example, you can filter by some date using:

~$ cltodo get --from "2023-12-12"
No results found.

For an extensive list, run cltodo get -h .

~$ cltodo get -h
Queries TODO entries based on the parameters

Usage: cltodo.exe get [OPTIONS]

  -p, --priority <PRIORITY>  Filters by entries with the given priority [possible values: normal, important, critical]
  -f, --from <FROM>          Filters by entries that are more recent than the given datetime. Inclusive
  -t, --to <TO>              Filters by entries that are older than the given datetime. Inclusive
  -e, --extended             Displays datetimes in extended mode, i.e. with hours, mins, secs and time zone
  -r, --reversed             Reverses the order displayed on the query. The default is more recent entries on the top
  -c, --chronological        Sticks to chronological order sort only, disregarding priority
  -h, --help                 Print help

If you are inside a git project, it will manage a todo list for that particular project. You can refer to the global todo list by passing "-g" as an option instead.


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