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Yet another command-line translator

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🍒 Clitrans

Yet another command-line translator.

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  • No API token required.
  • Integrated pronunciation function (with audio feature enabled).
  • Multiple translate engine support.
  • Multi platforms support.


$ clitrans hello

int.  * 你好
      * 您好
      * 哈喽

 Web  * 哈罗
      * 哈啰
      * 大家好

Source URL:
      * https://cn.bing.com/dict/search?q=hello&mkt=zh-cn

Run clitrans --help to view detailed usage.


On Arch Linux

clitrans is available in the Arch User Repository. To install it from AUR:

yay -S clitrans

On macOS

You can install clitrans with Homebrew:

brew tap wfxr/clitrans
brew install clitrans

From binaries

Prebuilt versions of clitrans for various architectures are available at Github release page.

Note that you can try the musl version (which is statically-linked) if runs into dependency related errors.

From source

clitrans is also published on crates.io. If you have Rust toolchains installed you can use cargo to install it from source:

cargo install --locked clitrans

If you want the latest version, install it from this repository:

cargo install --git https://github.com/wfxr/clitrans --locked

ydcv: A cli wrapper for Youdao online translate service api.

bing-dict: A cli wrapper for Bing online dictionary.


  • Choose fastest engine by default.
  • Display the engine name?
  • Add Youdao API based engine.


clitrans is distributed under the terms of both the MIT License and the Apache License 2.0.

See the LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT files for license details.


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